Unbelievable, the SEALs have been doing it wrong the whole time!

“When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it: admit it, learn from it, and don’t repeat it.”

Bear Bryant

#Screaming Eagle

Date: 23 Dec 20

QIC: Donut

Pax: Tombstone, Patchouli, Rawhide, Teacher’s Pet, Bouffant, Cookout, Gen-X, Over Draft, Money Trail, Popeye, Soccer Mom, Matt Foley, Chuckles, Gumby, Whaler

One of the truest tests of a man’s character is his ability to admit when he is wrong. No need to wallow in it, just acknowledge his mistake and move on. For better or worse, the F3 workouts are full of backseat Qs… at least at #ScreamingEagle. Its all in good fun, I mean who doesn’t like to be badgered and told he is wrong at 530am. However, occasionally, a controversy arises that is so divisive, so discordant, that further research and reflection is indeed warranted. More on this later….

Warm-up: YHC took this opportunity to educate the pax on the correct form for Imperial Walkers and Hillbillies. These should not look the same, and unless your spine is fused, you should be able to at least bend your mid-section so that your elbows move toward, if not touch your opposite knee when raised to a 90 degree angle (Imperial Walker) or the knee on the same side (Hillbillies). Simply marching in place with your hands on your head is just silly.

Imperial Walkers x17, Hillbillies x20, SSH x20, Gravel Pickers x15, Moroccan Night Club x15 (all 4 count exercises)

Now mosey to a different part of the parking lot

The Thang: We start with 11’s. 0 count on this side, sprint to the other side of the parking lot, then 11 count on there. Then 1 here, and 10 there. Simple. Far side will be 4 count Crunchy Frog. Near side will be 4 count Plank Jack.

The Main Event: Four Corners with a ladder. Mosey down a bit farther and identify 4 corners. Split into 4 groups to occupy each corner. Start with 5 Eight-count Body Builders (cue the ominous foreshadowing music). Next corner 5 body builders and 10 oblique crunches (5 each side with 4 count). Next corner 5 BBs, 10 obliques, and 15 American Hammers (4 count). Last corner 5 BBs, 10 obliques, 15 AHs, 20 flutter kicks (4 count). Repeat. We almost completed three rounds.

The Controversy: Somewhere in the middle of the first round there was growing chatter from one of the groups. It wasn’t until the end of the third round that YHC was informed by @chuckles that @mattfoley was pointing out that I was doing my Eight-count body builders wrong. The Eight-count BB is done like a burpee, with a plank jack following the merkin portion, then finishing with a jump where one’s feet actually leave Earth for a short period of time. In @Mattfoley’s mind, you simply finish by standing up. No jump. No leaving Earth. YHC invited @mattfoley to demonstrate in the COT, which he did. Yes, it kinda looks like you are giving up at the end of the exercise by just standing up, but @mattfoley was adamant. Following the workout, @mattfoley posted a video (“look its the first one that pops up when you enter Eight-count Body Builder into the Google!”, he posted). Sure enough there was a SEALFIT YouTube video of some guy finishing the exercise by standing up. Now I know that the internet always provides you absolute truth with a simple click of the button, but this fallacy can not stand. I looked at other videos and there was a Marine doing the same thing. I’m not sure how this whole conspiracy spun out of control, but I flagged the videos as Fake News so hopefully the SEALs will correct their mistake moving forward, and YouTube will take the fraudulent videos down. @Mattfoley, I humbly await your response.

COT: Prayers for health care providers, those working to protect us, and all needs spoken and unspoken.

Thank you for letting me lead.



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