Pre-Christmas Bursts – TurboTuesday 12/22/20

AO: #TurboTuesday

CONDITIONS: It was a BRISK 42 degrees. The CRISPY WB wind pushing off the waterway added to the glorious pre-Christmas conditions. It’s probably warmer in WB than it is in the North Pole so the PAX that showed up today can be thankful for that.


PAX: (5) – Trump, HushMoney, Gen-X, BlueSteel, HumpDay

Pebble pickers x10 IC – move straight into high plank, stay down stretch calves
Stay in plank x40 mountain climbers OYO
SSH x25 IC
High knees in place x50 OYO
Butt kicks in place x50 OYO
Stay moving while Q describes workout



Partner up for BURSTS
BURST 1 – Approx. 1600 meters – 1 Rep. From AO Parking lot to about where home plate is on the baseball field and back to AO lot. P1 runs the mile burst while P2 Rotates through 20 Step ups, 20 Butt to bench squats and 1 run lap around building until P1 Returns. Continue to rotate until P1 returns, Both P does 1 rep.

BURST 2 – Approx. 800 Meters – 1 Rep run across the bridge, just to the end where the crosswalk is and back to AO. P1 runs the burst while P2 rotates through 25 Mountain climbers, 25 LBCs, and 1 sprint then backpedal between crosswalks. Continue to rotate until P1 returns, then P2 runs. Recover once both P completes 1 rep.

BURST 3 – Approx. 300 meters – Lap around AO Parking lot building. P1 runs 1 lap while P2 rotates between 20 SSH, 20 high knees in place. Continue to rotate until P1 returns, then P2 runs the burst. Both Pax complete 2 run bursts then recover.

BURST 4 – Approx. 45 meters – AO parking lot crosswalk to crosswalk. P2 holds high plank while P1 sprints down, does 1 burpee, sprints back. Rotate. Continue to rotate until both Pax complete 5 bursts.

Complete 1 Recovery pace lap around building

Its 6:13 and the party’s not over quite yet. Circle up at AO and rotate through 15 seconds of 6 inches, 15 seconds of Freddie Mercurys and 15 Seconds of LBCs for 2 minutes until the clock strikes 6:15.

COT: Today was my first Q at #TurboTuesday and my 2nd Q away from homebase – Stingray. I appreciate the 5 brave souls who came out for the fun. In my short time with F3 so far, I have really enjoyed getting around to some new AOs and meeting some of the faces I see in the Name-o-ramas. I also feel like the mumble chatter during a workout is better with a small group so today was just right! Blue Steel claimed a UFO was spotted during the workout, I’m not sure if that claim was due to lack of oxygen or what, but after further review, it was determined the UFO was in fact, Venus – thanks to our trusty sky map phone apps. We ended the workout with prayer, especially for those traveling this time of year and for the safety and health of our families, friends and those around us.

It was a privilege to wake up and get the blood flowing again this morning.


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