The Hills have Eyes 2

The Hills Have Eyes 2

AO: Arrowhead

Date: 12-18

Pax: pony express, streak knives, Kramer, ditka, Napa, dumbledore, Bambi, Allman joy, Navy brat

QIC: Special K

Warm O Rama

AMRAP 60sec

Toe touch

Wind mills

Toy soldiers

The thang: pearls on a string disc golf

Mosey to 1st tee

1 pax plays the hole

While he does the other pax follow doing:

Odd holes: monkey humpers

Even holes: pickle pumpers

Pax Scores then rolls dice- multiplier is the amount of reps for the following exercises:

1: squats

2: merkins

3: big boi sit-ups

4: burpees

5: sumo squats

6: wide grip merkins

7: LBCs

8: burpees

9: Bonnie Blair’s

10: Diamond Merkins

11: leg lifts

12: burpees

Mosey back to AO

During mosey if tagged 10 burpees OYO

The hills have eyes

A few pax did some Mary, then some sprints


Christmas parties this week, see your local AO for details

Safe travels, health and joy to all the pax and families traveling throughout the holidays!

Merry Christmas



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