Kix Make Me Happy

AO: The Battleground – Halyburton Park

Date: 12/16/2020

QIC: happy & Kix

# of PAX: 9

PAX: Pixel Pusher, Beignet, Cousin Vinny (sad), happy (tired), Hush Money, Toto, The Dude, Sooner, Kix


Looking at the time, 0529, and the Q (happy) had not arrived. Was this young man going to sleep through his long-awaited Q??? And then, as the clock struck 0530, he pulled into the parking lot like any 16-year old would, opened his door to complain about how he woke up just 15 minutes prior, and he was very tired. Regardless of the grumbling, he led us through a brutal, non-cadence, Warm-up.

20 Burpees (OYO) – (Mid way through Burpees, in fly Beignet and Cousin Vinny….. someone needs to get these youngsters new phones, alarm clocks, watches, something that will rise them from their comfy fartsack at the correct time.)

20 Big Boi Sit-ups (OYO)

20 Merkins

Mosey from park, out onto the Cross-City Trail, and then around behind the park to Pine Valley Elementary School. The parking lot is a nice Oval that was utilized.


Due to insecurities with small arms, the arms, shoulders and chest needed a strong Beatdown

T – Tempo Merkins – 10 (IC), hold plank and switch to Shoulder Taps – 10 (IC)

Mosey to far end of Oval and complete the same excercised. Then mosey back to start.
R – Randy – in preparation for Christmas, this was a nod to the Christmas Story, and Ralphie’s little brother Randy. If you recall, Randy has a snow suit that will not all him to put his arms down, so neither did we.

               Albatross – 15 (IC), arms remain straight up in the air after completion, and we walked to the far end of the Oval.

               Moroccan Nightclubs – 15 (IC), again, arms remain straight up in the air, and we walked back to the start.

               Seal Claps – 20 (IC)

E – Escalator – start at one of the Oval and complete:

10 Mike Tyson’s – mosey to far end of oval

20 BBS – mosey back to start

30 Carolina Dry Docks – mosey to far end

40 LBCs – mosey back to start

50 air presses

Upon completion, we moseyed back to the AO, but we weren’t done…

X – X Factor – in x formation on ground, touch right hand to left foot like a v-up, then flapjack to touch left hand to right foot – 10 (IC)

PAX then took turns leading a Mary exercise

happy – 20 Flutter kicks (IC)

Cousin Vinny – created his own new exercise… coming to a Beatdown near you soon – 10 (IC)

Beignet – American Hammers – 20 (IC)

Pixel Pusher – Freddie Mercuries – 20 (IC)

Sooner – Cherry Bombs – 10 (IC)

FINISHER – Circle up for the Hokey Pokey Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear

4 count – Bear Crawl toward center of circle, then 4 count – Crawl Bear back to your starting spot


happy took us out with prayers for health and safety during the holiday season.


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