HumpDay on HumpDay – LLP 12/16


DATE: 12/16/2020

CONDITIONS: 45 and Rain


PAX: (10) – Hahhhvad, Niles, Top-Chedda, Smuckers, Banjo, Dorian, Blue Steel, LETC, Big Sky, HumpDay


25 SSH

10 Pebble Pickers 

10 Copperhead squats

40 Arm Circles OYO


HumpDay pulled out his super high tech, fancy Wenkie board – AKA an old moving box from the garage, with these exercises written out with Sharpie. The goal is to complete all of these exercise reps in whatever cadence/layout you want – Just do it as fast as you can!

  • 50 burpees
  • 40 Jump Squats
  • 30 Merkins
  • 20 Broad Jumps
  • 10 Sprints (Speed Bump to speed bump is 1)
  • When you finish, run between each speed bump doing 20 LBCs on one side and 20  BBCs on the other side until the 6 finishes).  As everyone was close to finishing, we all remained on one side of the parking lot and did 25 American Hammers in Cadence and 25 Freddie Mercuries in Cadence until the 6 came in.

Mosey to Basketball Court

  • Line of Squat – line up on long side of court
    • Hold Al Gore ¾ squat
    • When down is said, squat deeper and back up to ¾ al gore. Try to remain in squat position the entire time! Push yourself.
    • Starting on one side, Pax does bear crawl down and back. Go down the line.
  • Stay in line and recover immediately into High Plank
    • The Line does merkins on “Down” call.  Again, try to keep this plank up the entire time!
    •  Starting on one side, pax runs to bench across the court, does 5 dips and runs back. 

Mosey Back to AO

The fancy HumpDay wenkie board had a backside!! One final time, complete the exercises in whatever count format you want, just complete them all as fast as you can. 

  • 100 Parking Line Hops (side to side or front to back – count is 2:1 so it will be 200 total) 
  • 90 Monkey Humpers
  • 80 Parking block toe taps (count 2:1)
  • 70 Mountain Climbers (count 2:1)
  • 60 Apollo onos (2:1)
  • 50 Lunges (Total)

Circle up at AO

  • Everyone holds 6 inches.  Q calls Heels to Heaven or 6 inches while pax rotate by running around the circle and getting back into position.  Go through the entire group and then recover.


LLP Had me extra motivated today, so my COT Backblast is a little more detailed than usual.

Lets all hold each other accountable.  Smuckers brought up a good point that many Pax probably feel around now, about how sometimes it’s difficult to stay motivated around this time of year when its cold, rainy, and the fartsack is just so warm and cozy and the beatdowns are beating us down.  We are only as good as we let ourselves be, and if you let yourself down, its easy to get into a routine of that. This is where F3 Pax should step in, holding eachother accountable, and motivating eachother to continue to make yourself and those around you better!

Good discussion around diet/nutrition as well.  Use your meals as fuel for your body, try to find what works best for you and focus on HYDRATION (Not just beer and coffee, WATER!).  One diet doesn’t work for everyone and going to extremes will wear you out.  Listen to your body, and fuel your body the way you need to (in a healthy way!).  Little changes make big improvements and start you going in the right direction. 

Prayers up for Big Sky/family.  For those who are grieving, especially around the holidays, and especially in a year like this, times can be tough.  Again, this is where we have the opportunity to step in and be leaders for eachother.  For everyone grieving, holding burdens, or any struggle, dont go alone, lean on your support.  Another shameless plug here for #TobyTalk which is a great way for us to connect and unburden as men!

It was a pleasure leading LLP on this glorious morning.  Another day we can get out of bed and get our blood flowing is a gift to us all – even on a cold, rainy day.  Lets not take that for granted.



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