HumpDay on Monday! Monster Factory 12/14/2020

AO: Monster Factory – Stingray – Still the possessors of the #F3CapefearGhostFlag

CONDITIONS: Summer in December? Mid 60s and Rain

PAX: 15 – Cabana Boy, Sock Puppet, Shakespeare, Chop Shop, Undertaker, Picasso, Geiger, Tired EOM, Jagger, Pledge, Closer, MooMoo Ninja, Spin Doctor, 10-Count, HumpDay



The pax were scared of the drizzle so we started the warmorama under the shelter.

Mountain Climbers x25(2:1) OYO
High knees in place x25 OYO
Arm Circles (40 total- Wide front, wide back, small front, small back) OYO

We got tough and moved into the drizzle. Every pax found their favorite spot around the same general area in the parking lot and grabbed a Cinderblock for the fun.

The rounds were 10 Minutes AMRAP. The goal was to try to get 6-9 sets in each round. The only breaks were the breaks you gave yourself during the AMRAP (You shouldnt of given yourself many breaks) and a 1-2 minute breaks between each 10 minute round, so the goal was to push yourself as hard as you could during the rounds.

Round1/3 – 10 Minutes AMRAP – With Cinderblock (or large rock)

10 Squats
10 curls
10 press
10 Mountain Climbers (2:1)
1 parking lot lap (The parking lot lap was a quick run around the first mulch divider, it was maybe a 50 yard loop.)

Round 2/3 – 10 Minutes AMRAP – With Cinderblock (or large rock)
10 merkins
10 rows
10 block toe taps (2:1)
10 deadlift to press
1 parking lot lap

Round 3/3 – 10 Minutes AMRAP – With Cinderblock (or large rock)
10 calf raises holding block
10 lunges holding block (total)
10 dips
10 box jump overs (total)
1 parking lot lap


All Pax Hold High plank on box. Q Called down on cadence and pax did a pushup and 2 slow mountain climbers. After 10 reps, Q made sure everyone was in high plank before recovery.

Next pax held the block and held al gore. Q called down on cadence and pax squatted down a little more and back up into al gore. After 10 reps, Q made sure everyone was in deep al gore before recovery.

Finally, 10 Burpees OYO to end the fun.


See #F3Stingray page for information on Christmas gathering.

Picasso – Prayers up for mother who just left the hospital and is recovering

Stingray pax need to think about who wants to take over Day-Q duties for this year!

It was great seeing Ogden park on a Monday, I need to get out there more often earlier in the week. It was a great time and thank you to all for joining the fun! – Humpday


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