“Lt. Dan. . . . You ain’t got no leg!”

Stingray AO, The possessor of the Ghost Flag – 12/11/20

PAX – Cabana Boy, Geiger, Offering Plate, 10 Count, Chop Shop, Babyback, Not Uno, Hump Day, Flounder, Spin Doctor, Weller, GTA, EOM


Warm-A-Rama –

20 Peter Piper Picked a Pebble Pickers (It just felt like it needed a new name)

15 forward Michael Phelps

10 backward Michael Phelps

Walk Mosey to the skate park with a lateral arm raise all the way there. If anyone dropped their arms, everyone would penalized 5 burpees. We feared the burpees and pushed through the pain.

Once at the skate park we did three minutes of AMRAP rotation between bicep merkins and tricep dips. It was only three minutes fellas…..

Next, we partnered up. 1 pax was doing side to side 1 arm werkins (wide arm merkins – it’s in the lexicon)AMRAP until the other pax walked the perimeter of the skate park with hands raised over head. All of this was X2 rounds.

Everyone laid on their 3 (their anterior bellies) touched finger tips above your head, then did a swimming motion until your finger tips touch behind your back. It was just 1 minute fellas.

Walk to the coupon pile with arms raised behind you like you’re dracula running with your cape flying behind you. We looked odd, I must admit. While at the coupon pile each pax performed 50 slow and controlled flies to work out the back muscles. We Jenny’ed for the 6 (the Forrest Gump of Mary).

Mosey walk to the round about near the dog park with arms out front, Zombie style.

Once there we each got a turn at tossing the biggest bolder we could find, over our head, as high as we could for 5 reps. The rest of the pax, rotated through the coupons for curls and triceps.

Mosey walk to the pullup bars with rotating styles or arms being raised. Apparently, Lt. Dan ain’t got no SHOULDERS now.

Each pax processed through each pullup bar doing 2 reps on each.

Mosey walk to the flag (THE GHOST FLAG, I might add) doing raise the roofs, where we did a build up of 1 to 4 ratio – 1 merkin – 4 raise the roofs, 2 merkins – 8 raise the roofs, etc until we got to 5 & 20 – Time expired.

COT – Stingray Christmas party with White Elephant – 12/19/20 at 3pm at @Goat’s place. More details to come.

Tom Sawyer is starting a recover AO on Friday afternoons. Check out #mumblechatter for more details.

Pray for my brother-in-law, Lee, who now has shingles to deal with as he goes through a 2nd round of Chemo for Colon Cancer.

It was an honor to be with each of you, HIMs. I guess @uno got caught in the fartsack. #notaHIMtoday


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