Various Exercises in the Gloom

Date: 12/9/2030
QIC: Big Sky

PAX: There were 22 and some were visitors to get some sort of flag or something.

Warm-o-rama: Seal Claps x 20 IC, Windmills x 10 IC, Copper Head Squats x 10 IN, Baby Arm Circles forward/revers x 10 IC, Large Arm Circles forward/reverse x 10 IC

The Thang:
Moseyed to the Pull Up Bars. paired up for a quick Dora. 50 Pullups 100 Dips 150 Big Boys – while the other partner ran around the coral. watch out for the garbage can Sooner.

Next we selected new partners and did a variation of Catch Me If You Can / Leap Frog. Partner 1 did 10 Merkins at first street light while 2nd partner did Bonnie Blair’s at the next street light. 1st partner finished the Merkins and passed the 2nd partner and went to the next street light where they would do Bonnie Blair’s. So on till we went all the way around GPI.

Now we headed to GPI and did an AMRAP. 60 sec of step-ups, 60 sec of Derkins, 60 sec of LBC’s. Rest 30 sec. Round 2: 60 sec of step-ups, 60 sec of shoulder taps, 60 sec of LBC’s.

Mosey up to the war memorial – 22 Merkins for our veterans.

Mosey to the AO

Keep up the prayers for Seahorse and Blueberry. Announcement of a big to do at Baywatch this Saturday and postponement of the 10 year. Steak Knives reminded us that we now have 9 months to prepare for the End it Ruck.

Big Sky – Out


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