Get it RIGHT get it TIGHT!!!

Stingray – 12/4/20

EC – 3miles of ruck and meaningful mumblechatter with Uno, 10 Count, and EOM

Pax – Geiger, Magneto, Sock Puppet, 10 Count, Offering Plate, Baby Back, Joints, Chop Shop, Kamikaze, Undertaker, Red Hots, EOM

Q in Charge – EOM (aka: Eeooommmmm and Emo)

Warm-A-Rama – 30 Side Straddle Hops, 15 Michael Phelps forward, 10 Michael Phelps Backwards, 20 Pebble Pickers

Mosey to the FANCY pullup bars – Partner up, Proper form taught and executed on pullups and squats, calling each other out was expected and encouraged. We mirrored our fellow pax’s form to keep each other in check.

Mountain Climber Crawl to the nearest speed bump, just to get our quads fired up. (no butts in the air people, knees and ankles stay parallel to the ground, as you imagine having a glass of water on your back. Your goal is to not spill the water) @Chop Shop almost fell down at the end of THAT.

Found some humungo coupons in the roundabout near the dog park and did the Ring of Fire with 5 reps each rotating to a different coupon after each set.

Exercises included:

Curls for the girls (done the right way to maximize strength and minimize injury)

Tricep Extension (done the right way to maximize strength and minimize injury)

Curl Press – not to be confused with the French Press @Uno. (done the right way to maximize strength and minimize injury)

Mosey led by @Magneto. We continued talking about the Shield lock question during the mosey

Merkin – THE most misperformed exercise in all of F3Nation!! C’mon Maaaannn! Went through several steps of how to set it up, Completed ONLY 30 reps, but we were all fired up in the Chesticle Zone. The Pecker Muscles. We did it Right so we got it Tight (come on pax, get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about the Pecks, the Peck Muscles, the Pectoralis Major. #youshouldbeashamedofyourself) @Joints, you were feeling those merkins at the end. Yeah you were!


We lost another Pax last night fellas. Please be praying for Tardy’s wife, Kim, and all the family and friends who knew and loved him. @Undertaker will be posting about the Memorial Service that is happening on Saturday at Waterline Brewery.

@10 Count mentioned to remember to take care of each other. Don’t let someone fade into the shadows and disappear. We are not meant to be alone. Don’t let Covid steal your Caring.

Pray for @f3seahorse’s daughter – I think her name is Cindy-loo-who. She is going through some health related things again.

Love you guy! Band of brothers!



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