Black Friday Door Dashing

We got our moneys worth

Date: 11/27/2020
PIC: Big Sky
14 PAX Did the Black Friday Door Dash: Steak Knives, Brackish, Blue Steel, Jiffy Pop, Closer, Mozart, Goober, Left Turn, McFly, Hushpuppy, and FNG’s Lugnuts, Ps2, Sling Blade

Warm O Rama: 20 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, 22 Merkins
Mosey Rt66 from the AO to the tennis court parking lot.

The Play List: All songs that have BLACK in the title, or the Album, or the Band Name.

The THANG: Each song do 20 Reps of one exercise at one end of the parking lot, run to the other end of the parking lot and do the 2nd exercise for 20 reps. Repeat till the song is over. The start of the next song starts 2 new exercises.
Then the RAIN started to come down and we shifted to the picnic shelter and continued the beat down.

COT: Prayers for our nation, first responders, and those who were alone on Thanksgiving.
F2: coffee after
EC: F3 FOLF – 6 PAX plus a pup played a quick 9 holes.


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