Inaugural bridge battle

AO: Mamba Monday

Date: 11-23

QIC: Special K

Pax: Letc, steak knives, snickers, dropkick, circuit breaker, Napa, dumbledore, jewel, foo foo, cannoli, Bambi, southie, gravity, pk, callisium, beauty, Jericho, vinaigrette, hover round, sweatervest, smuckers, Norwood, baby back, sparky, neimiaha2, dirtchef, buckeye, Chinese downhill, blackjack,Kramer


SSH x 22 IC

Gravel pickers x 22 IC

Moroccan night clubs x 22IC

22 merkins in awareness of veteran suicides each day

Mosey to the empty lot

The Thang:


Each TD is worth 7 points

If you give up a TD, as a defensive player, 10 burpees OYO


Pax on sidelines: ongoing 4 corners

22 hand release merkins

44 squats

66 lbcs

88 single count mountain climbers

Each loop around the field is worth 1 additional point to your teams final score.

Highest score wins the BB chain!!!!!!


Ghost flag goes to the scorpions

3B chain goes to the mambas

Moseyed back to the AO

TAPS: if you are just working out, your not doing enough F3!

Advisory council meeting tonight

Prayers for our country and those traveling, to stay healthy and safe

Thank you to @Chinesedownhill for sharing and reaching out to the pax this am! Strong work!



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