11/20/2020 Stingray

Every day is leg day.

Date: 11/20/2020

AO: Stingray

QIC: Geiger

Pax: Picasso, Norwood, Rascal, Undertaker, Baby Ruth, Joints, EOM, Sock Puppet, Napa, Uno, 10Count, Pledge, Hump Day, Southie, NO CABANA BOY

EC: 10Count, EOM, YHC & Spencer (K9.0)

Warmorama: Abe Vigodas, Pebble Pickers, Copperhead Squats, SSHs, Mosey to the basketball courts

The Thang 1: Get into groups of 3 for partner Dora-ish
Partner 1 does hamstring curls on the fence
Partner 2 stretches OYO
Partner 3 runs a ladder on the court
Do until 50 cumulative hamstring curls are completed, then same thing with 100 fence jumps instead of hammie curls.
Calf raises while waiting for the 6.
The Thang 2: Stay in same groups of 3 and head to pavilion
Partner 1 does 15 Derkins while others do foot-release box squats on the picnic table. Then, Partner 2 does 15…then Partner 3.
Do until each partner has done rounds of 15, 20, 25 Derkins.
The Thang 3: Run around the park in search of coupons worthy of 10Count’s might
Circle up with coupons and have each Pax lead in a Circular Firing Squat Squad. Overhead squats, copperhead squats, sumo squats, front squats, jumping squats, forward/backward lunges, etc…15 Pax = 15 rounds. You’re welcome.

COT: Stay safe and smart this holiday season. Prayers up for Tardy and the WB Lifeguard being honored.

Moleskin: PLENTY of meat sweats this fine morning after Picasso’s Toby Talk Meating. Awesome time over there…super HIM. We had a guest in Baby Ruth, yet his host was missing. WHERE YOU AT, CABANA BOY?!?!? Strong job by Southie introducing Norwood to Stingray for his 2nd post…looking forward to having Norwood be a new regular if only to enjoy his cadence calling. Joints and Rascal are getting in the groove…they’ll be ready to Q in early January at this pace.

Thanks to all!


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