“If you ain’t first, you’re last” – Tortoise Tuesday

AO: Tortoise Tuesday 

Date: November 10, 2020

QIC: HumpDay

Pax: 9 – GOAT, Shakespeare, Picasso, GTA, White Rabbit, 10 Count, Offering Plate, Geiger(&Spence), HumpDay


  • 22 Merkins for the Veterans who take their lives every 22 minutes
  • Stay down and stretch Calves
  • 10 Pebble Pickers
  • 15 SSH

Line Up – 

  • High Knees
  • Butt Kickers

Indian run to far parking Lot

The Thang:

PART 1: 

  • Partner Up
    • Pax 1: Run the Mile Loop. Tag in your partner and then begin the alternating exercises.  Both Pax will Run 1 Mile.  After both Pax run their mile, continue the alternating exercises until everyone is finished.   
    • Pax 2: Alternate through the following:
      • A: Sprint half the lot, backpedal back, Sprint Full lot, backpedal back.  
      • B: 100 (1:1 – 100 Total) Curb Feet Switches
      • C: 25 LBC’s, American Hammers or Bicycles

PART 2:  Split into groups of 4

  • Relays 
    • [Medium Sprint – approx. 200 meters] Pax team starts in High Plank, 1 Pax Runs the Parking Lot Loop, when back to start, next pax runs.  All Finish in High Plank.  (Winning Team Picks exercise everyone does – Exercise Chosen: 25 LBC’s)
    • [Long Sprint – approx. 600 meters] Pax Team starts holding 6 inches. 1 Pax runs the loop around the football field.  Continue to hold 6 inches while others run, or you can keep jogging around the parking lot. (Winning team picks exercise – Exercise Chosen: 10 Burpees)
    • [Short Sprint – approx 40 meters] 2 Pax from Each team on either side of the parking lot.  Everyone holds a squat, relay through team for short sprints (Winning team picks exercise – Exercise Chosen: Team sprint 40 meters).

Indian Run back to AO.


  • Tortuga Tuesdays shirts.  Need at least 12
  • Eden Village – Assistance needed bush hogging and working a garden.  Check presentation will be at 11AM
  • Plenty of F2 Going on this weekend:Comfort food cookoff – Sat Nov 14th 1-4 PM & Gaver Oyster Roast Sat Nov 14th 4 PM.  


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