Monster Mash @ The Monster Factory

Date: 11/9/2020
AO: Monster Factory (Ogden Park)
PAX: EOM, 10 Count, Cabana Boy, THE Offering Plate, Shakespeare, Jager, Picasso, Zelda, Kamikaze, Gen-X, Chop Shop, Red Hots, Joints, HushPuppy (YHC)
QIC: HushPuppy
The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.
1. Workouts are always free
2. Are open to all men
3. Held outdoors (or Virtual during a pandemic), rain or shine, heat or cold
4. Lead by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification needed. 
5. End with a COT

On a cool, crisp, Fall Monday morning; 15 PAX found their way to Ogden Park for The Monster Factory. Little did they know, that a very scary upper body beatdown was on the schedule…………. (Insert Evil Laugh Here) THE MONSTER MASH!!!!!!


Seal Claps x10

Pebble Pickers x10

Moroccan Night Club x15

22 Merkins to remember our Veterans

Mosey to the Pull up bars for……………

THANG 1: Monster Bars AMRAP

10 Min AMRAP of 4 stations:

  1. Merkin cycle: 5 of each- Regular merkin, Wide Merkin, Diamond Merkin
  2. 10 Chin-ups
  3. 10 each arm underhand inverted rows. Use both arms to pull up, then slow release back down with 1 arm. (THESE SUCKED)
  4. Mosey to closest shelter for 15 dip.

PAX seemed to quickly realize that despite the funky and fun tunes HushPuppy brought, this workout was no walk in the park. The underhand inverted rows were a struggle to most, and the chin ups quickly took their toll on the PAX. Things could only get easier from here right???????

1 more set of the 5 merkin cycle for good measure then mosey to the shelter where the dips were completed.

THANG 2: Picnic Table Smash

3 rounds of each exercise followed by some mary:

  1. 10 Derkins
  2. 10 Incline Merkins
  3. 15 side-to-side tricep dips.

Mosey back to AO for…………………………………

THANG 3: Cinder Smash

PAX partnered up and were instructed to grab a cinder block from the back of YHC’s truck. This led to many grumbles and complaints at this point. PAX lined the blocks up in line with the shovel flag to complete this partner DORA:

50 alternating block merkins (both sides!)

100 Cinder Curls

150 Vertical Block Press

Partner Bear crawls and then Crawl Bears down to planter and back.

Cinders were returned to the truck, and the PAX looked burnt out. Guess it was time for the scary Monster workout to end?? NO CHANCE!!!!!!!! It was time for the……………………….

FINISHER: The Monster Mash

Just because Halloween has past, that does not mean you cannot get a little spooky.

“The Monster Mash” was played on the speakers. Throughout the entire song, PAX were to hold high plank and complete shoulder taps until the end of the song. Every time the word MASH was said in the song, PAX had to complete a merkin. (Many PAX modified throughout this scary hard finisher)

COT: Prayer for our brother Tardy as he is dealing with serious health issues. Prayers for family from Chop Shop’s church. Big weekend of F2 coming up! Too bad YHC will be in Raleigh for a soccer tournament. 😦



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