Location: Ogden Park

Conditions: 60 and clear

EC:Me and EOM for the Block Mile

Pax: 11-Pledge, EOM, Kamikaze, Picasso, Shakespeare, Jagar, Dino, Waupner, UNO, Narcan

Q In Charge:10-Count humbly requested to cover fir the one, the only…..Knucklepuck

The mission of F3 is to plant grow and serve small workout groups for men and for the invigoration of male community leadership.

1. Workouts are always free

2. Are open to all men

3. Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold

4. Lead by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification needed.

5. End with a Circle of Trust (COT)

Warm O Rama: done on the fly!

1. Side straddle Hops -25

2. Pebble pickers-20

3. Empirial Walkers-25


•Thang 1- Speed Bump core day. Run to each speed bump all the way through park. .75 miles. At single bumps 5 big boys, at double bumps 10 big boys. Pick up the six, no Mary!

-on way back run together from bump to bump. If you get there start doing LBC’s. When the six gets there they do 5 then all move to the next. The six controlled the speed increasing by 5 LBC’s at each bump. End total was 450+!

•Thang 2-PAX Delight

-in circle PAX throw out a core exercise and number until out of time.

Of course we finished with a circle burp!

COT: Always pick up the six!

-Comfort Food Cook Off November 14. Sign up to come and to make food. This is 1-4 then head over to the Oyster Roast at 4.

-Eden Village raised $41,000+. 11/14 in morning giving check and clean up!

-Pledge on his travels


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