Thursday ⚡️Thunder

25 Side Straddle Hops
25 Pebble pickers
25 Seal Claps
Four rounds of shoulders circles forward and rear large and small

The thang:
Partner up and gather an Atlas Ball and Kettler bell
Partner #1: Start with the Kettler Bell Farmers carry over bleachers to the far side, perform 5 burpees and farmers carry back over bleachers.
Partner #2: Perform the following exercise until your Partner returns. When he arrives switch coupons and you farmers carry over the bleachers, 5 burpees and return.
When both partners have completed an exercise move to the next in order:
Atlas shoulder
Kettle Swing
Atlas squat
Kettler curl
Atlas Bench
Kettler upright row
Atlas Lunge
Kettler Triceps extensions
Atlas shrugs
COT: Tobytalk tonight at 6:30pm at Seven Mile Post.
Welcome FNGs @Rascal and @Joints.


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