Conquer the HUMP (Day) – HumpDay VQ

AO: Stingray – Ogden Park

Date: November 4, 2020

QIC: HumpDay

Pax: Geiger, Sparky, Sock Puppet, Jagger, Shakespeare, Picasso, GTA, Little John, Sandbagger, All about that Bass, EOM, Chop Shop, Babyback, Narcan, 10-Count


5 Pebble Pickers

10 Moroccon night clubs

15 SSH

15 SSH

10 Moroccon night clubs

5 Pebble Pickers

The Thang:

Each exercise done in rounds, circling the pond.  Complete one full round of exercises at the specified rep count until you move to the next round at the next rep count.  

Rep counts (Per Loop): x5 x10 x15 x15 x10 x5

(Any exercise with 1 leg/side each [i.e. step ups, lunges, mountain climbers & line hops], counted at 2:1)

Exercises (Per Loop):

  • Hut 1: Squat Jumps (Butt to bench)
  • Pull Up Bars: Pull up Burpees (OR Knee tuck burpees)
  • Hut 2: Bench Step ups
  • Leaving Hut 2: Lunges
  • Hut 3: Your choice Merkins & Mountain Climbers
  • Parking Lot before Hut 1: Line Hops (Side to Side)
  • Repeat at next rep count once back to Hut 1


  • TobyTalk tomorrow 11/5 @ 7 Mile Post
  • Prayer Requests: (There were a couple more I cant remember now) Pray for our country, Babyback: Anniversary of relative passing, Chop Shop: Church member rushed to hospital.


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