Stadium beat down

Date: 10/29/20

AO: Affordable Runday – Veterans Park

QIC: Franks

# of PAX: 9

PAX: Hooiser Daddy, Hooch, Chuckles, Cookout, Donut, Rawhide, Lightning, Matt Foley

Warmorama: Gravel Pickers IC x 20, Goofballs IC X20, Arm Circles

Head to the stadium. Run the stairs, 5 burpees. Run the other side, 10 burpees. Keep going and adding 5 burpees every time.

Ended with some plank frog jumps, LBCs, Freddy Mercury

We counted up our burpees and were just short of 1000 so we finished strong to get our 1000! burpees

COT/Moleskin: Did you know that Chuckles got fired from Chick-fil-a as his first job? he was in the dumpster jumping on boxes…makes sense

It is an honor and a privilege to lead.

Franks out!


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