#og_ao LLP

“Give Us the Ballot”, MLK

AO: OG AO – Long Leaf Park

Date: 10/28/2020


PAX: Florence, Calliseaum, Dumbledore, DOT, Kramer, Hello Kitty, Beauty, Pixel Pusher, Mayhem, Dirt Chef , Morpheus, Goober, Left Turn, Hoveround, Capt. Stubing, Havahd, Banjo, FNG Lil Comet, Blue Steel, Polar Brush?, Top Cheddah, Brackish, Hey Mon, & SOL.

Warm Up: SSH x 20 (IC), Goofballs x 20 (IC), Gravel Pickers x & 20 (IC), Merkins x 20

Thing: Social D two line run to Goose Poop Isle. Partner 1= 5 Burpees, bear crawl to steps, box jump to top, backwards run to ramp, normal run to bottom, crab crawl to Partner 2 who has been doing a rinse and repeat of 20 merkins, 30 squats, 40 LBCs. We made it through two full rounds Then mosey to the Pines. Where we did Pine Nuts. Nuts to the Pine. 5 count in a chaos theory manner getting through everyone (I hope). Next we moseyd to the main intersection for a Ring of Fire plank off. Then back to the flags for 5 burpees and COT. Fun was had by all.

COT: Prayers for all, seize the day, participate in the process and vote!


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