A Dangerous CB tour at the Lion

Date: 10/28/20

AO: The Lion

QIC: Franks

# of PAX: 18

PAX: Matt Foley, Redline, Rawhide, Hooch, Sir Mix, Brick City, Rhombus, Hooiser Daddy, Teachers Pet, Blart, Tombstone, Crosswalk, Rafiki, Stouffers, RX, Chuckles, Cookout

Warmorama: Gravel Pickers IC plus a stretch or two

The Thang: Headed down Lewis/St. James to the boardwalk, some hit the boardwalk and headed back, others carried on for a stroll along the lake.

Stouffers thought a dog walker was armed, Cookout literally stiff-armed a car, Sir Mix was lost in the gloom…good news all came out unscathed!

COT/Moleskin: Donate to Eden Village. No burpees were done, saving them for tomorrow.

It is an honor and a privilege to lead. Franks out!


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