Date: 10/20/20

AO: Turbo Tuesday

Conditions: 68° and foggy

PAX: Flounder (R), Tank, Sooner, Kix, O’Neil, Small Things, Blue Steal (R), LETC (R), Pixel Pusher

QIC: Pixel Pusher

20 Toy Soldiers IC
15 Windmills IC
Start your watches and prepare your headlamps

The Thang:
Indian run to Johnny Mercer’s Pier, approx. 1 mile. Do a count-o-rama before we head-out into the fog. 9 PAX.

Beach run in the fog to the north end, pick-up the 6 and take a head count. Per request, turn the ship around and run back south on the beach to lot #4 (L-shaped lot). From their make our way to the road and try to pick-up the pace in order to make it back in time. Pick-up the 6 and encourage them, start some light conversation to take their mind off the pain. We’ve all been there and it’s no fun.

9 PAX made it back to the AO for 5.5 miles +/-

LETC reminded us of the Eden Village Project silent auction that is live now. We continue to keep Sooner’s father-in-law in our prayers as he recovers from the COVID. Prayers for Tank and his bum knee.

Thankful that 8 brave men decided to join me for an ambitious run in the fog. I’ve never seen more clearly!

Until next time,
Pixel Pusher


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