Mix of Q’s, Terrain and Pace

Date: 10/13/2020

AO: Turbo Tuesday

QIC: Sooner & Kix

# of PAX: 10

PAX: Dino, Overbite, Blue Steel, LETC, Wunderland, Goober, O’Neil, Pixel Pusher, Sooner, Kix


12 x Toy Soldiers

15 x Imperial Walkers


Mosey from AO over the bridge and down Stone Street to the Beach. On the Beach, form a line to Indian Run from access all the way to Oceanic Pier (approximately 1 mile). There was some groaning from the PAX, but everyone was quickly onboard and motivated!

Once the Pier was reached, individual pace around the remainder of the South End. So many wins, 1) A pair of Sunnies were found on the sand, 2) the moon hitting the calm water around the South End into the Sound was a “Stop and Take it All in moment”.

From the South End, we ran the road all the way back to the bridge and over to the AO at Surf City Surf shop. There was a pretty brutal pace going at the front, but everyone came back to pick up the 6 and return to the AO as one. 5 miles achieved by all, and great fellowship.


Continued Prayers for Sooner’s Father-in-Law, Bride and the whole family. Prayers for all the spoken and unspoken Prayer requests and for those who need encouragement during these unprecedented times.

Turbo Tuesday double feature! It was an honor and a privilege…

Sooner & Kix


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