Earning the Benjamin’s & A Lesson in Counting


AO:The Workshop
QIC: Kix

# of PAX: 28

PAX: Hushpuppy, Dino, Tank, Dixie Chick, Ordnance, Flying Wasp, Napa, Dropkick, Kopi Luwak, Huck Finn, Crab Cakes, Overbite, O’Neil, Steak Knives, Hoveround, Tom Sawyer, Duck boat, Chutes & Ladders, Buckeye, Chinese Downhill, Sooner, Hush Money, LETC, ATARI, Uglystik, Trump, GTA, YHC


30 x SSH
15 x Pebble Pickers

Wait for one late arrival to park the Truck (*cough* Overbite *cough*)

Mosey over to UM church to grab some wall – Rotation of exercises, starting in wall sit position:

20 x Russian leg kicks
20 x London Bridges (Wall Merkins)
20 x Shoulder Taps OYO

Mosey over to base of bridge and wait for the 6
– 5 x Burpees OYO – Run across bridge – on other side 5 x Burpees OYO, Hold plank for the 6

Mosey down Stone Street to entrance to beach

The Benjamin’s – (4 exercises in reps of 25)
Round 1

25 x Copperhead Squats
25 x calf raises
25 x Jump tucks
25 x monkey humpers
(Bear crawl to cone line, crab walk rest of way to the Water, Sprint back to start)

Round 2 (All exercises performed without letting arms down)
25 x Bat Wings
25 x Moroccan nightclubs
25 x overhead press
25 x overhead claps, SSH

(Lunge walk to cone, broad jump rest of way, Sprint back to start)

Round 3

25 x Flutter Kicks

25 x Freddie Mercuries

25 x BBS’s

25 x LBC’s
(Bear crawl to cone line, crab walk rest of way to the Water, Sprint back to start)

Round 4

25 x Merkins

25 x Mountain Climbers

25 x Ranger Merkins (close grip)

25 x Pickle Pumpers

(Lunge walk to cone, broad jump rest of way, Sprint back to start)

Mosey Back to AO

All PAX looked fully energized, and ready for more. Just enough time remained for some Hammer of Thor (minus the Merkins)

1 BBS, 1 x (4 count American Hammer)

2 BBS, 2 x (4 count American Hammer)

3 BBS, 3 x (4 count American Hammer)

The problem was, the Q couldn’t remember counts, numbers, etc, and the PAX made sure it was known. However, we stuck with it, and we all finished out with 10 apiece!


This is Poker Run week, watch for the featured workout each day, and come for the workout to get a card. Ability to get a total of 7 cards, play your best 5 for a chance at The Belt!

Chatter began about going to The Workshop, after COT for coffee, but things started getting out of hand. One word led to another and I am pretty sure there was a mention of male genitalia, something about back doors, and Dick’s Sporting goods? I am not sure, but I decided that was the time to PRAY.

Continued prayers for Sooner’s Father-in-law, bride and family as he remains in ICU. Praises that he has shown progress day by day. Praise for Kopi Luwak, that he has found a house, and for a smooth closing.

As always, it is an honor and privilege to lead you HIM’s.



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