Thursday ⚡️Thunder


Location: Ogden Park

Conditions: 62 and clear


Pax: 13-Shakespeare, Picasso, Magnito, GTA, Armorall, sock puppet, UNO, Hushpuppy, Red Hots, Pledge, Roady, Goat

Q In Charge:10-Count

The mission of F3 is to plant grow and serve small workout groups for men and for the invigoration of male community leadership.

1. Workouts are always free

2. Are open to all men

3. Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold

4. Lead by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification needed.

5. End with a Circle of Trust (COT)

Warm O Rama:

1. Annie’s-20 each hand

2. Imperial walkers-20

3. Bat wings


•Thang 1- Over the Hill

-groups of three. Two kettles and one stone. One person carries stone up and over the bleachers. Partners with kettles on each side doing exercise switch off with stone when it gets there.

-you’ll do same kettle exercise on each side starting new one once back at where you started.

-kettle exercises: upright rows, goblet squats, squat press

•Thang 2-Monkey in the Middle

-Monkey does 10 shoulder the stone alternating shoulder. Each person takes turn in middle changing exercises once all have been the Monkey.

-Kettle exercises: Curls, tricep extensions, clean and jerk

•Thang 3: dueling banjos

-pick a partner.

-follow partner rep for rep until song ends. Exercise of your choice.

COT: Always pick up the six! October 24th convergence at Ogden Park 7:00am workout then tree dedication ceremony for Toby! Tobytalk tonight 6:30pm Ogden Tap Room.


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