Mamba Monday 10-5-20


Mamba Monday

QIC: Snickers

Pax: 16 PAX:: Crocket, Hush Money, Special K, Buck Eye, Pixel Pusher, Dirt Chef, LETC, Grump, Spicoli, Jericho, Bretix, Knee High 2, Black Jack, Flo Jo, SOL, and YHC

Warmorama: Seal Clap x20, Pebble Pickers x25, Arm Circles x20,

The Thang: Mosey to the wall for a 10 Balls to the wall. Followed up with 10 count wall sit snow angels. Mosey back to the circle for a Hold the plank inch worm Indian crawl.

The group partnered up for a 100 Merkins, 200m Squats, 300 V-ups, 400 LBC DORA. Partners run to the other side of the parking lot for the switch. Group continued Mary waiting on the 6 to finish.


Prayers for Hightowers Family. F3 Grandstrand PAX killed in the line of duty this week, Our Country and President.


It was an honor and privilege to be the Q today for Mamba Monday.

Snickers out!!!


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