Battleground IPC 14

AO: battleground

Date: 9-30

Pax: beauty, hushpuppy, PK, buckeye, Kramer, gravity, steak knives, hush money, the dude, toxic, Crockett, spacolli, piney express, smokescreen, tiny dancer, mix, big sky, sooner, patchouli

QIC: Special K

Warm O Rama
20 imperial walkers ic
20 gravel pickers
20 Moroccan night clubs ic
10 and 10 arm circles ic

The thang:
IPC-Workout of the Month at Battleground
GOAL: do as many rounds as possible. Timed workout:
One rotation
1. Station 1-Starts with 14 merkins
2. Station 2/3 is 14 thrusters w coupons/14 big boy sit-ups (this is directional due to coupon location)
3. 14 merkins
4. Run a loop
End of one rotation

COT: Prayers to toxic as his family transitions into a new order of operation

Join gravity Monday at hmm, or at baywatch on Saturday for his RESPECT beat down! Or at his home for some F2 Saturday night!

Continued Prayers for my marriage and all the marriages of the pax! 14 years today!

Thanks to the pax for joining me today, and making yourself better today then you were yesterday!



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