Tortoise 🐢 Tuesday Backblast

– 3 EC: me, Geiger, WaterBoy

-12 PAX-me, Geiger, WaterBoy, Goat, Roady, Hump Day, Armorall, Sundance, Hushpuppy, Closer, Picasso, Shakespeare,


•gravel pickers-20

•Abe Vigoda-10

Thang 1: Tortoise and the hare go up the hill

-Runners go one direction and ruckers follow. When passed Rucker’s do five Squats. When you pass a pavilion go up and over every table.

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Tobytalk 6:30pm at Sour Barn on Thursday. Contribute to Eden Village Project and UNO matching at VQ Friday. Armorall and his search for work. Lucy and his family.


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