Mamba Monday Week 2

Date: 9-21-20


AO- Mamba Monday

Pax:  8 penny, BabyBack, Buckeye, Crocket, Kix, Gravity, Kramer, Small Things, Special K, Dirt Chef, Beauty, Closer, Splinter (FNG), and Steak Knives.

Week 2 of the Hard Launch of Mamba Monday at Robert Strange Park. Week 2 is to focus on fellowship. What does that mean to you?  Let’s get a Beatdown on!


SSH IC x 30

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Gravel pickers IC x 10.

Tha Thang-

Mosey’ed to a large grassy meadow. YHC named a ball field, and we found 4 corners to do some stacking. 

Run to 

Corner 1 – 10 burpees. 

Run to 

Corner 2- repeat and stack 20 Carolina drydocks. 

Run to

Corner 3 – repeat and stack 30 squats. 

Run to 

Corner 4 -repeat and stack 40 flutters -2 count. 

Balls to wall and everyone took a 10 count. 

Mosey to MLK center parking lot for Dora. 

100 box jumps, 200 dips, 300 incline merkins

Partner runs to far end of lot for 1 burpee and back. 

Mosey the outer boundary of park back to flag. 


Hello dollies, Freddie Mercurys, ww2 sit ups, and heal taps. 

COT- Prayers for all of the long list of stuff – Rona, isolation, fires, hurricanes, jobs, etc. Thoughts on Fellowship. Man was not built to live alone. We all need friends we can call at 2 am.  Are you reaching into other men’s lives to be available to them?  Are you letting yourself be open to letting other men pour into you. It’s the only way to thrive. Planting a new AO is a tangible way to do this. Strong lead Special K and Kramer. Stay the course, and they will come. Welcome Splinter.  #giveitaway

Moleskin – Dirt Chef voluntold for his VQ today!  If Splinter doesn’t play nice his name will go to Price Gouger.  Beauty tracked our dang burpees – and was his typical encouraging self. Small Things bought my breakfast. Crocket pedaled drugs in 10th st. The good kind. Closer finally let his 2.0s sleep. BabyBack called me out in the brotherly way that only he can do.  Steak Knuves was there, but then he seems to be everywhere. And Gravity got stuck being my partner. 

Keep giving it away pax. Workout for the man beside you. 

Embrace the suck brothers.  The gloom belongs to us.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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