by Hahvahd

DATE: September 17, 2020

AO: Break-Point

QIC: Hahvahd(R)

PAX (24): Tiny Dancer(R), Bone Spur, ChutesNLadders, Sparky(R), Hoveround(R), Gump, Beauty, Jiffy Pop, Big Sky, Seahorse, Morpheus(R), LETC(R), Earbud, Ugly Stik, Tom Sawyer(R), Fire Marshal Bill, The Hoff(R), Last, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Blade, Small Things, Hush Puppy, Overbite, Goat(R)

My thanks to Jiffy Pop and Earbud, since the 17th is their real birthday, and to Seahorse, whose birthday is the 18th, for allowing me to have the Q to celebrate my 69th (which is technically on Saturday the 19th).

Seal Claps IC x 20
Gravel Pickers IC x 15
Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Very simple: do 69 reps of a bunch of different exercises. Start at the parking lot by the fire hydrant, run about 50 yards to the traffic cone, do 69 of an exercise, lunge walk back to the fire hydrant, do 69 of another exercise, run back to the cone, etc. (after three rounds we eliminated the lunge walks and just ran between the two exercise locations to save time). In order, the exercises were:
Toe-Tap Crunches
Shoulder Taps
Freddie Mercurys
Plank Jacks
Carolina Drydocks
Air Presses
Flutter Kicks
Bobby Hurleys

There was surprisingly little whining about the quantity of reps except for Tom Sawyer, who asked at least twice why I couldn’t be 45 years old instead of 69.

There was a little time left, so we circled up and each PAX did 5 V-ups followed by a jump, while the rest of the PAX did high knees and then jumped simultaneously with him. We ended with all PAX doing 3 squats followed by a jump.

LETC pointed out that all past and present nantans and weasel shakers (but one) were there to honor YHC, for which I am grateful and humbled. (Sooner was in an undisclosed location to insure the F3 leadership line of succession.) Seahorse presented YHC with a balloon in the shape of the number 1. Blade presented YHC with an authentic rugby ball (yes, I did play for two years in college), which unfortunately has the Harvard logo on it. I will see what can be done about that.

Finally, we briefly discussed the impact a father’s unconditional love can have on his children. Prayers for healing our land and wisdom for our leaders.

Hahvahd, out.


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