Thursday ⚡️Thunder Backblast

– EC: Me for 2 and 1/3 mile ruck

-7 PAX-Me, Picasso, Shakespeare, O’Neil, Offering Plate, UNO, Etch a Sketch


•gravel pickers-19


•19 to pay homage to my M and the 19 years she has put up with me!

Thang 1: Jack

-teams of two, one carries the stone, I.e. the bucket, up and over the table, i.e. the hill, 6 times. This is your timer.

-you switch off while the other does the following exercises: 100 Dips, 150 Carolina drydocks, 200 heels to heaven

•Thang 2: dinner date

-sit across from partner at table pass stone back and forth doing shoulder press. You do ten then pass back to partner. Other partner holds hands up until stone gets back . Get 100 each so pass stone back and forth 10 times.

•Thang 3: Jill

-one climbs hill again 6 times without the stone. Partner uses stone. Exercises 50 squats, 100 chest press, 150 calf raises

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Tobytalk 6:30pm at Sour Barn. IPC here on a Friday. Sign up for blood drive. FREE FLU SHOTS COMING UPAFTER BAYWATCH! Contribute to Eden Village Project . Happy Birthday Jake, 16 today and in the hospital do offering plate taking him with him everywhere he goes today! What a HIM!


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