Five Below

Date: 9.10.20

QIC: Pixel Pusher

AO: Cool Runnings

PAX: Hoveround, Dixie Chic, SOL, Beauty, YHC with my K9.0 Skeeter

toy soldiers IC x 20
windmills IC x 20
prepare OYO

The Thang:
Fellowship paced run through Lincoln Forest to and around the Mall and back. 4.25 miles on a hot-steamy morning.

CoT: Prayers for all ravaged by natural disasters, from hurricane in LA & TX to fires in the west. We’re so blessed to live where we do. Also prayers for all those grieving lost family and friends on the 19th anniversary of 9/11.

Moleskin: thankful to have brothers to run with and motivate me…still hurting from that IPC beatdown. Beauty, please buy some new shoes! And no, Five Below does not sell shoes or groceries.

Until next time,
Pixel Pusher


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