Mozart and MooMoo Crush TT

Date: 9-8-20


AO- Turbo Tuesday


Big Yak, Chinese Downhill, Cornstalk, Dixie Chic, Duckboat, Closer, Flounder, Mozart, MooMoo, Warp, and Chicken Fried posted for the fastest AO around.  YHC dialed in some 73 degree weather with low tide.  You’re welcome.


SSH IC x 20

Imperial Walkers IC x 20


Tha Thang-

All pax started a run to the coast guard station.  The rabbits ran to the blockade runner, circle to get the 6, then run to Crystal pier, circle to get the 6.  We all made it to the beach to run back in the other direction.  All of the rabbits continued to sprint up, back to the 6 until we all made it to Stone Street.  At Stone St, time to get in the ocean.  Too beautiful not too.

We got in 4.5 miles plus a swim.  Great way to start the day.

Mosey back to the flag.

No time for Mary –

CoT-  Sorry we lost you Warp and Chicken Fried, but love how you found us.  Keep up the strong work.  Prayers for all of the craziness going on, and gratitude for what we have.

Moleskin- Closer, your 2.0s are studs, and you are Super Dad.  Just sayin.  Tclaps to all the newer pax out – Cornstalk, Warp, Chicken Fried, and Big Yak.  We are better with you, and you will be better with us.  Glad the Autumn Hall clown car was running this am.  CD, just let her keep the stuff.  One wrong little thing this am though.  When 2 Respects are the rabbits at Turbo Tuesday something just does not seem right. 

Embrace the suck brothers.  

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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