Eden Village #operationimpact

Date: 9-7-20 


AOs- All 30+ in F3CapeFear

Pax:  Several hundred strong

Pax, we talk about #leavenomanbehind, #ironsharpensiron, #impact, #livingthird, #pickupthe6, on and on.  And we do all of these things well.  The fact that we are all pushing each other to live 3rd is the exact reason we keep getting stronger as a group and individually.  

#morethanaworkout – We say we are more than a workout, and we can prove it.  Not only are our workouts growing like crazy, but so are our Bible studies, mission projects, CSAUPS, mentor programs, and yes beer drinking, band playing socials.

Our credo is to accept and embrace every man where we find him, but to love him enough not to leave him there.  We have a new, tangible opportunity to prove it.

Have you ever given a homeless man money, food, a ride, or even your time for a day?  Have you ever wondered if it made any difference?  The next day, that man was probably broke, hungry, stranded, and lonely all over again.  What if you could be a part of giving that man a home, a community, and his dignity back- For life?  Well, you can.  And here is your chance.

A group of committed people led by Dr Tom Dalton are in the process of building EVOW – Eden Village of Wilmington.  It is a privately run, non-profit that has purchased land and is in the process of building 32 tiny homes and a community center.  The tiny homes will be housed by 32 deserving, chronically homeless men and women, who are looking for a hand up, not a handout.  They will all pay rent, participate in the running and maintenance of the community, and live by an agreed code of conduct to maintain their residency.  Several medical and social services groups are partnering with the community to help the residents get their lives back on track, and will continue to offer support and guidance moving forward.  You can learn more at https://edenvillagewilmington.org

Here is where F3CapeFear, and you come in.  Each home will have a sponsor.  The sponsor puts up $40,000 to help pay for the home, and the sponsor is encouraged to develop a long term relationship with their resident. F3CapeFear has a dream of sponsoring a home.  EVOW has agreed to place a male veteran in our home.  The long term dream is to build an AO at EVOW to impact EVOW and the surrounding neighborhood.

Think about this:  If you gave $50, or even 1/2 of your rent/mortgage payment, you may be a little tight for a month.  But for the rest of your life, you will know with pride that you changed the life of one man forever!  Not only that, can you imagine how far the ripples of that impact will go?  The F3CapeFear home is going to become a reality.  Don’t fartsack on this opportunity.  Our mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workouts for the invigoration of male community leadership. What a perfect way to do just that!

The F3CapeFear Foundation is a tax deductible non-profit.  Over the next few weeks, we will be giving you the opportunity be a part of this impactful mission.  Join your F3 Brothers as we come together to make an impact on a brother in need – not for a meal, not for a day, but for the rest of his life.  $40,000 is a big ole hairy goal, but we can do it!  F3CapeFear Foundation members will be available after CoTs to receive cash or your tax deductible check.  If you prefer, mail a check made out to F3CapeFear Foundation to Dogwood State Bank, Attn Rachel, 1131 Military Cut-off Rd, Wilmington, NC 28405.  You can also Venmo at @f3capefear or PayPal at f3capefear@gmail.com

It is always an honor and privilege. 

-LETC out


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