Thursday ⚡️Thunder Backblast

– 3 EC: Me, Uno, Seahorse

-12 PAX-Me, Picasso, Shakespeare, Goat, UNO, Seahorse, Pledge, Sock Puppet, Roady, Steak Barn, Atari, Etch a Sketch


•Abe Vigoda 10

•Goofballs 15

•raise the roof 20

Thang 1: Sisyphus

-Get a partner. One partner does front raises while the other runs and gets a rock and brings it back. Then switch. Continue until 10 rocks are obtained. When coming back with rock hold over head.

•Thang 2: Sisyphus

-move down parking lot. Do shoulder press while taking turns going to get rocks and move pile to second spot. Run back with stone over head.

•Thang 3: Sisyphus

-this time start at pile. Do side raises while taking turns returning rocks to original pile. Coming back with stones held overhead.

•Thang 4: shoulder press then upright rows then steering wheels to failure. Not done until first persons done so try not to be first.

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Tobytalk Thursday night 6:30pm Ogden Tap Room. Buy Stingray shirts! Free to bleed 9/23! UNO’s knees. UNO’s pending job interview! 20 in 30 Uno. Steak barn consistency!


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