“Whaaaaz Up Holmes”


AO – Wake ‘N Bake

QIC – Tom Sawyer

# of Pax: (27)

Trump, Dino, Steak Knives, Mayhem, Tank, Hello Kitty, Blue Steel (R), Crab Cakes, FNG (Shake Weight), Bread and Butter, Hush Money, GEN-X, Kopi Luwak, Cornstalk, Beater, Flight Nurse, Blade, Sunrise (R), Pixel Pusher, The Dude (R), Sparky (R), LETC (R), Baby Back, Top Cheddah, Hushpuppy, Huck Finn & YHC (R)

Mission of F3:

Plant, Grow & Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Our 5 Core Principles are:

1) Free of charge,

2) Open to all men,

3) Held outdoors — rain or shine or heat or cold,

4) Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary. Today it was YHC and I explained that I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL! Exercise at your own peril and modify for injury if you need to, but not for effort.

5) Ends in a Circle of Trust

 Warm Up:

 10 Gravel Pickers – IC

10 Hillbillies – IC

 The Thang:

 One line Indian Run (at a mosey pace) to Stone Street and out to the Playa de Wrightsville

Circle of for the KEGlodon!  So the KEGlodon is basically a Ring of Fire for a “Call Your Shot”….whereby each Pax calls out an exercise to the circled up Pax who must perform that exercise AMRAP (as many reps as possible).  All this while the Pax who calls out the exercise runs with a 60lb. micro keg over their shoulders down to the water, back up the beach and around keg #2 and then back to the Ring of Fire for the next Pax to call out a different exercise.  We were able to cover @ 23 of the 27 Pax…….all were very good exercises (code for I can remember them all) and if you think of an exercise..…it was done.  Couple of Pax called Burpees 😦 ………NOTE: The AMRAP time seemed to be @ a 40-50 second run before the Pax returned to hand off the keg to next Pax.

 Rinse off in the Atlantic and then suit back up for mosey back to AO…..

 Small amount of Mary at the AO for the 6….again the 6 was YHC…see the pattern here?!?! .


Countorama – Still has 27 so the F3 Wake ‘N Bake plane landed successfully with all passengers accounted for today.

Namorama – 1 FNG!  Solid day with Shake Weight joining us and earning his citizenship into F3 Nation!  Glad you are here Shake Weight as we have been expecting you!  Nice EH as well Crab Cakes.  

Prayers, Praises & Announcements – Yes there were…..Flight Nurse opened up on some needed prayers.  YHC discussed the Labor Day Convergence at WBP on 9/7/20 and Co-Q’d by a very pretty piece of friend cornmeal (Beauty & Hushpuppy).

YHC prayed us out into our mornings.

It was an honor to lead such fine men today.  I am truly blessed to know you and have you men in my life! Thank you!





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