Welcome to Mamba Monday

RSP Soft launch 2

AO: Robert Strange Park/Williston

Date: 8-31

Pax: Napa, the right stuff, small things, sparky, Jericho, knee high, knuckle puck, sol, Geiger, high top, earbud, steak knives, Kramer, hushpuppy

QIC: Special K

Warm O Rama


10 imperial walkers ic

10 Moroccan night clubs ic

10 and 10 arm circles ic

10 merkins ic

Mosey to Gregory Elementary

Knowledge is power

Marblehead Libraries were collections of books that comprised a traveling library service for African-Americans and poor rural whites in the Southern United States beginning in 1910. The libraries, funded by James J.H. Gregory of Marblehead, Massachusetts, traveled primarily to schools; the service often provided the only access to library books for African Americans in the South.

Modified dura Ipc week 1 edition

100 leg raises

150 jungle boy squat 2 spoon style

Star jump with 2 hand touch at bottom

200 stationary front lunges

Partner runs loop. Other side of loop 5 hand release release merkins

Mosey to steps at Williston School

Micah 7:8

when I fall, I shall rise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me.

Alumni Joseph A McNeil- Activist

Williston School is a school in Wilmington, North Carolina. It was first founded in 1866 by the abolitionist American Missionary Association after the Union army occupied the city during the civil war. It was intended for freed slaves and initially had 450 pupils divided into five departments: primary, intermediate, advanced, normal and industrial.

It was based upon a school for freed slaves which had been founded in 1866 and named after Samuel Williston, a Massachusetts button maker and philanthropist.

Martin Luther King Jr. was scheduled to speak at the school gymnasium on April 4, 1968.[5] He changed his plans, staying in Tennessee, and was assassinated there that same day.[6] Black high school students protested in Wilmington on the following day, making a march to City Hall.[7] Later that year, desegregation plans for Wilmington were disputed in federal court.[2] The school was closed as a high school as the Board of Education did not want to spend the sums required to improve the school to the standard of white schools nor to send white students there. The black students were moved to the previously all-white high schools of New Hanover and Hoggard, where they complained of inadequate provision.[6] Further protests and disturbances resulted in the notorious case of the Wilmington Ten.[6]

10s (Tenth st)

Top of stairs- Peter Parker’s 2c

Bottom of stairs BB SIT-UPS

Mosey to basketball court

Home court of Meadowlark Lemon

“When you give joy, you get joy back!

Give it away!

On baseline- 5 sets Up Backs w Meadowlarks front touch back touch squat on wall

10 burpees OYO

Mosey back to AO

Pax lead Mary

COT: prayers for our city, our country and our world as we continue to grow together, we seek Gods wisdom and vision.

Thank you for all the Pax who came out last week and this week to support the soft launch! And com join us in the hard launch on Sept 14!



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