Park Tour

DATE:  August 27, 2020

AO:  Break Point (Empie Park)

#PAX:  9

QIC:  Morpheus

PAX:  Choo Choo (FNG), Little Debbie, Mayhem, Wall Burger, Mr. T, Hello Kitty, Magnito, Messi, Morpheus

WARM-A-RAMA:  Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walker, Gravel Picker, Moroccan Night Club

THE THANG:  It’s Summer, so time to tour the Park!  Mosey to 9/11 Memorial at Fire Station for 20 each of Inclined Merkins, Derkins, Dips, Step-ups

Mosey down Cross-City Trail to bridge at East end of Park for Prisoner Squats and Burpees (10 each).

Mosey to Bocci pits for Bear Crawl length of 2 pits (yes, there are 2 sets in a line!) and Lunge Walk back (x 3!).  Who’s motivated?!

American Hammers, then mosey to picnic shelter for 20 each of Inclined Merkins, Derkins, Dips, Step-ups

Mosey to tennis courts for Four Corners stacked of 10 Carolina Dry Dock, 20 LBC, 30 Bobby Hurley, 40 Flutter Kick.

Mosey past AO to “baseball field” (OK, where the field used to be, now grass).  Lunge walk to first base, sprint to steal second base, Lunge Walk to third base, sprint to steal home.

Mosey to AO for Mary of Crunch Taps and Freddie Mercury.

MOLESKINZ/COT:  Welcome Choo Choo, just back from deployment as Corpsman, and thank you for your service at Camp Lejeune.  Prayers for those in the Hurricane’s path and the first responders in the areas affected.  Strong work by all PAX!

It is an honor and a privilege.



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