Calescent Runnings

“Do we call it this to torture ourselves?”

Gump’s internal monologue

As August nears a close and school is back in session, the humidity decided to ramp right back up again for another round of Cool Runnings from the newly christened, Long Leaf Park. With so much hullabaloo with Iron Pax, interval training, and speed work I wanted to get us out and just run. The last time I Q’d a run workout from there we ran the neighborhoods and it was mostly enjoyable, but there were those annoying street crossings.

Enter the Muni, or Wilmington’s own Municipal Golf Course. I do not golf anymore, but I am pretty sure my tax dollars still pay for this thing somehow, so I was fittin’ to use it. After having seen other workouts roam the course, I wanted to smell those freshly shorn greens as well. Fortunately, @Letc and @hoveround were there early and assured me that they knew the way.

As we continued to stretch and welcome the Rib family of @Spare Rib and @Short Rib from down south, suddenly @letc announces “It is 5:31, Gump!” and I knew we did not want to waste anymore time if we wanted to get some mileage in. However, I still enjoy setting the table for F3 of who we are and why we are here. Maybe I am old-fashioned; maybe I am new-fashioned; but, since I have only been a card holding member since last November I find it settling to reflect on the fact that we are not just a bunch of hims out in a park at an ungodly hour. We are High Impact Men that are together for a reason and part of something bigger than ourselves.

With that said, we started into a brief warm-up in honor of Iron Pax Week Zero. Instead of 50-40-30-20-10 of each we did:

10 Air Squats

8 Big Boi Sit-ups

6 Merkins

4 Bonnie Blairs

2 Burpees

Then we took off at a steady pace with yhc already wondering why he had decided to leave his shirt on in this muggiest of mornings. As we ran out the southeast corner of Long Leaf and down the sketchy shoulder of Pine Grove, I remember thinking, “Do we call it this [Cool Runnings] to torture ourselves?” Maybe I just need to wait for a nice fall day next time.

We ran into the lit parking lot near the “clubhouse” and kept our pace while making sure all nine PAX were accounted for at that point and with direction to return there if you got disconnected from the group. @smallthings took the lead on the back nine for the run and we all ran at a steady, but elevated pace under the still starry sky. We zigzagged and sometimes zagzigged to pick up this six, but the goal was to keep up the cadence and heartrate.

When @smallthings and yhc pushed the pace back to loop the clubhouse, @SOL suggested that we make other way across and back up the course so we could cut through Long Leaf acres back into the park at the direction of @pixel pusher and Skeeter. Once we were back in the park, we slowed it down to a mosey to shake skip out any running tension and loosen up the muscles. Skeeter tried to make us lose Pixel, but he returned eventually.

Grateful for the men who chose to join me this morning to push themselves. Prayers were raised for those impacted by Hurricane Laura that hit as a Cat 4 in LA and beyond. @Hushmoney requested prayers for his family and living arrangement as his son looked to be there more permanently. Thanks for the obvious work and encouragement from our fellow HIM. A reminder that God loves us yet gives us free will to make the choice to love him in return; the ultimate display of his grace and humility.

PAX: Hoveround, LETC, Pixel Pusher, Short Rib, Spare Rib, SOL, smallthings, Hush Money

QIC: Gump

AO: Cool Runnings at LLP

Date: 27 August 2020


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