Thursday ⚡️Thunder Backblast

– EC: Me 2.75 mile ruck

-12 PAX-Me, Picasso, Shakespeare, Goat, Undertaker, UNO, Geiger, Armor All, Jagar, Seahorse, Cabana Boy, Pledge


•Abe Vigoda 15

•Gravel Pickers 15

•big and baby arm circles 15

Thang 1: log party

•Bring Sallly up:grab a log and hold chest press pressing when song says up.

•Roxanne: shoulder press when song says Roxanne hold up until or at chest when not pressing

Two rounds switching songs and lifts

•Thang 2: back and legs Dora

-team up. One partner lunges down and back with log. Other does exercise. 100 squats, 150 rows, 200 shrugs

•Thang 3: back to the party!

-Roxanne for clean press

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Tobytalk Thursday night 6:15pm Axes and Allies. Q’s check names when naming folks. Buy Stingray shirts! Goats friend whose daughter passed away suddenly. Pledges Mother in-law. Gulf and pending hurricane! UNO and new job prospect!


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