Turtle Club’s Red Hot Flash Run

Date: 08/20/2020

AO: Cool Runnings (Long Leaf Park)

QIC: Kix

# of PAX: 9

PAX: LETC, Hush Money, SOL, Sooner, Small Things, Chinese Downhill, Hoveround, Pixel Pusher, and Skeeter too


SSH x 25

Stretch while the Q explains the run

The Thang:

Our goal was to run to the VQ of sir Red Hots and Empie Park, and then return to LLP in one piece. This seemed like a challenge given that a thunderstorm with some serious lightning, was looming on the sidelines. However, we stayed on task, and it worked in our favor.

Running down Lake Ave to Halifax Rd., PAX complete 1 minute repeats of a minute fast and then a minute mosey. However, I left this to the discretion of the PAX, and it ended in more of a faster Mosey. But it led for good mumblechatter and fellowship as we made our way to Halifax Rd., then to Fordham Rd/Floral Parkway where we crossed over Oleander. We then ran to Park Ave which took as to Empie Park. The entire run was well lit by flashes of lightning across the sky.

We found the PAX at the VQ beatdown just in time for some Tennis Court burpees. How lucky. We completed our 10 Burpees and we were off again. We returned to LLP via Park Ave. On the way back, we utilized a ‘Turtle Run’ where PAX could peel off and do exercises of their choice if they felt so inclined. There were merkins, jump squats, LBC’s, sprinting, and a whole lot of moseying.

SOL ensured we made it back to LLP with the safest route, and we were able to get over 4.5 miles with great fellowship at the turtle club!


Prayers for student, parents and teachers as the new school year and new ways of virtual school are being navigated. Prayers for those with health issue, undergoing Chemo treatments or surgery in the upcoming week. Prayers for Stouffer and his M.

Always an honor to lead a great group of HIM’s!



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