Dips and Dora

Date: 8/24/20

AO: The Workshop

QIC: Wapner

Pax (12): Uno, Beignet, Flounder, Flipper, Beater, Sooner, Dixie Chick, Mantel, Jiffy Pop, Wapner, Waterboy, Tank

Warmorama: Windmill x10 IC, SSH x 20 IC, Toy Soldier x 10 IC, Tempo Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the WB Park stage and partnered up. Partner 1 held plank while Partner 2 performed 50 dips and then the flapjacked for 3 rounds.

Mosey to the beach access on Stone Street and partner up for Dora: 100 Merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs. Partner 1 performs the exercise while partner 2 runs to nearest condo building and does 5 handstand merkins or holds balls to the wall for 5 seconds.

Recovery dip in the Atlantic and mosey back to the AO for COT.

COT: This is Week Zero of the Iron Pax Challenge. Register today if you haven’t yet. Don’t forget to register for the F3 10 Year Anniversary event. Beignet missed the start of the beatdown but we allowed him to complete the dips and, if he posts for EC Wednesday, he will still be eligible for the Megalodon. Praises as the M and I close on our new house today. Strong work by everyone! Shout out to Mantle for pushing through today’s beatdown with a shoulder he is still rehabbing.


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