Date: 8/19/2020
AO: Wake N Bake
QIC: BabyBack
# of PAX: 22
PAX: Mayhem, Spotlight, Duck Boat, Flipper, Dixie Chick, LETC, Huck Finn, Dino, The Flying Wasp, Blue Steel, Tank, Hello Kitty, Cornstalk, Beater, Gen-X, Sparky, Gump, Good Times, Sunrise, Dori, Flounder

Warm A Rama:

Sealclaps X14 IC
Potato Pickers X14 IC
Raise the Roofs X14 IC
Mosey to Stone Street

The Thang:

From Stone Street to Johnny Mercer’s Pier are 14 streets. PAX stopped at each one to perform exercises OYO, waiting periodically for the six and every now and then YHC shared pearls of wisdom that had come to mind recently. YHC encouraged PAX to push themselves to run faster than regular mosey pace.

PAX performed the following exercises:
Burpees X 14
Werkins X 20 (20 for all exercises except Burpees)
Crunchy Frogs
Jump Lunges (Mary for the six)
Carolina Dry Docks
American Hammers
Squat Jumps (Mary for the six)
Diamond Merkins
Copperhead Squats (Mary for the six)
Big Boy Situps
Alternating Lunges
Burpees X 14 (Mary for the six)

We headed to the beach for the trip back stopping at corresponding accesses to perform exercises in reverse order.

Just enough time for a quick dip in the ocean before heading back to the AO


YHC has learned so much from F3 and decided to share a few pearls at different spots that have come to mind recently:

This was YHC’s first Q away from the friendly confines of Ogden Park, which is comfortable. For most of us, we tend to stay in our comfort zones. In life, God (Sky Q) is often calling us to leave our comfort zones to serve others and grow closer to Him.

YHC’s M is in FiA and this week they are doing FiA Olympics. Yesterday was a plank challenge. YHC’s M help plank longer than she thought she’d be able to. The winners held for over 15 min. It made me think of how we’re able to do more with eachother than we could alone. YHC would not be in the gloom working out alone. YHC challenged the Pax to consider what areas of their lives are they trying to go it alone and who around them is going at something alone and needs a brother in it with them. Also, the two winners of the plank challenge stopped at the same time. Reminded me of how in F3, if I see someone taking a break or stopping, I’m more likely to do the same. What areas of my life am I influencing others to pull back by me pulling back.

Yesterday, YHC read the story of Jesus calming the storm. It made all the difference for the disciples that the One who made the wind, waves and water was in the boat. YHC asked Pax to consider if they were in the boat with God during the storm of this pandemic.


Prayers for students on campuses that the virus will be contained and learning will go on. Prayers for students to turn to God.

It was a pleasure and an honor to lead this group of men this morning as always!

BabyBack OUT!!


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