Hovering Around Like Seahawks

AO: Run Forest Ruck
Date: 08/18/2020

QIC: Kix

# of Pax: 16 (9 Runners, 7 Ruckers, 1 Pup)

PAX: Flight Nurse, Cali (pup), Tiny Dancer, Dogwood, Crocket, SOL, Steak Knives, Seahorse, Pixel Pusher, Vegas, Mr. Perfect, Tom Sawyer, Morpheus, Hoveround, Sweatervest, Capt Stubing

Seal Clap x 20
Toy Soldier x  
Pebble Pickers x 15

*I cannot speak for the group of Ruckers as I was not with them, but I know they got in some lofty miles.

Runners, moseyed down Reigel, around the Soccer stadium, toward the track. Then turned toward S. College to get to start of Wagoner Dr.
 – Once in large group, PAX partnered up for ‘Catch me if you Can’

  • Pax 1 starts running backwards down Wagoner, Pax 2 completes 10 squats and runs to catch partner and then flap jack.
  • Complete when at the other end of Wagoner, on Randall.

Moseyed down Randall as group to Lot G near Racine. Made way between Morton and Leutze Hall to get to small pond and start of Chancellor’s Walk.

  • Down Chancellor’s Walk, using the light polls as a guide, Pax did a circuit of Mosey, Side-shuffle Left, Side-shuffle Right, and then a sprint. After Sprint, start back with Mosey and repeat the circuit down to Walton Dr. (Wait for the six with a little Mary)

Once in a group, mosey to Cahill Dr. to the Parking Deck.

  • In Parking deck, moseyed to landing 1
    • 10 Monkey Humpers (IC)
  • Landing 2
    • 20 Calf Raises (OYO)
  • Landing 3 (Top Level)
    • 20 Bobby Hurley’s (OYO)

Back down and out of Parking Deck via the stairs, and Pax moseyed back to the AO by going the long way down Walton Dr., to Riegel Rd, which led us back to Lot M. We made it just in time as the Rucker’s were also walking back into the Lot. Excellent! I promised no burpees, and no burpees I required. However, other Pax felt Freed to Lead, and we did a few. (I think around 50 Total?)


1 Mile Ruck this Wednesday, 18:15 at LLP… Be there, ready to carry heavy things


Prayers for Stouffers and his M, Prayers for a fellow PAX and M and their daughter who is sick.  For the parents/children/teachers as they start back to a school year that is new and uncharted territory for all involved. Also, for incoming freshmen starting first year at college. It is already difficult enough to transition and begin meeting people without the new protocols and changes for socializing. Prayers for Tom Sawyer and his family as they take High and Tight back for his senior year of school.

Thank you for allowing me to lead a great group of men! -Kix


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