End the Burpee Challenge, PLEASE!

AO: Stingray – Monster Factory
Date: 08/17/2020

QIC: Kix

# of Pax: 28

PAX: GTA, Sheepshead, Wapner, Sock Puppet, Cast Away, Stump Jumper, BabyBack, Cabana Boy, Cabana Boy #2 (now renamed to Pool Boy within Cape Fear), EOM, Lil John, Jagger, Picasso, Flounder, Shakespeare, ArmorAll, Geiger, Flipper, FNG (Steak Barn), Beignet, 10-Count, Chop Shop, Uno, Sooner, LETC, Good Times (Charleston), FNG (Dory)

SSH x 25
5 x Burpees OYO
Silent Seal Clap – 3 IC, rest in silence, stopping at 20
5 x Burpees OYO
Hillbilly x 20
5 x Burpees OYO
Baby arm circles x 10 forward, flap jack
10 backward
5 x Burpees OYO
Pebble Pickers x 15
5 x Burpees OYO

Mosey to far side of pond, by the Picnic Shelter for some full body rounds of Tabata – 1 Minute of Each exercise, 20 seconds of rest between

Round 1
⁃ Bonnie Blair’s
⁃ Calf Raises
⁃ Copperhead Squats
⁃ Bobby Hurley’s

Run one lap out and around the Round About and back

Round 2
⁃ Carolina Dry docks
⁃ Shoulder press
⁃ Merkins
⁃ Dips
Round 3
⁃ Flutter kicks
⁃ American hammers
⁃ LBC’s
⁃ 6 inch, Hold

Round 4 – Dropped to 3 due to Time
⁃ Monkey humpers
⁃ Mountain climbers
⁃ Burpees

PAX kept track of Burpees for the final round. With 25 Burpees during Warm-O-Rama, we had a total of 1,240 Burpees on the day, strong work!

Mosey back to AO for COT


Prayers for those with family members having medical/surgical procedures this week (Stouffers, Closer), and for the parents/children/teachers as they start back to a school year that is new and uncharted territory for all involved. The same goes for those in Youth Ministry as they navigate working with and ministering to more students in creative ways.

It was great to make my way out to Stingray for my first Q at Ogden Park. Thanks for the push Geiger, and glad I could push you this A.M. as you recovered from Bachelor festivities, haha!

Thank you for allowing me to lead a great group of men!



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