Baywatch Beatdown

Date: 8/15/2020

AO: Baywatch

QIC: Snap-On

PAX: LETC, Hoveround, FNG (Spinal Tap), Clickbait, Jackie Moon, Tiny Dancer, Albatross, Parrothead, Blue Steel, Beater, Tank, Katiden, Seahorse, Bonespur, Pixel Pusher, Cornstalk, Undertaker, Sully, Bucky, Bitcoin, FNG (The Boz), Black Magic, Lighthouse, FNG (Danger Zone), Open House, Sparky, Chinese Downhill, Brody, FNG (Hit me Baby), Beauty, Halfback, Babyback, Duckboat, Sunrise, Arthur, Gump, Hushpuppy, GTA, Tom Sawyer


SSH: 20- IC

Burpees: 5 OYO

Mountain Climbers: 20- IC

Plankjacks: 20-IC

Burpees: 5 OYO

Mosey to real estate office before bridge to WB

Cement Pickers: 20 – IC

Burpees: 5 OYO

Moroccan Nightclubs: 20- IC

Burpees: 5 OYO

Moseyed to beach past Tower 7

The Thang:

Partnered up for Dora. Partner A stays and does 200 Bobby Hurley’s, 300 squats and 400 LBC’s while partner B runs down to the water and does two “surfees”

Once completed, all PAX cooled off in the water for a few minutes.

All PAX lined up on the shore and got in plank while one PAX on the end bear crawled behind everyone to the other end. All PAX completed this.

Moseyed back to the AO.


Prayers for Parrothead and his family in the passing of his father-in-law. Also, please continue to keep my family in your prayers as well after the passing of my aunt last Sunday. Life is an unexpected roller coaster and you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

It is an honor and privilege to lead all PAX. We are a great group of men, born to lead and serve. Thank you all for your friendship.

P.S. 1,760 burpees were had at Baywatch this morning.


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