Literal Thursday Thunder

Date: 8/13/20

AO: Thursday Thunder

QIC: Wapner

Pax (9): 10-Count, Stump Jumper, Goat, Uno, EOM, Atari, Shakespeare, Picasso, Wapner

Warmorama – Copperhead Squats x 20 (IC), Seal claps x 20 IC, and ATMs

The Thang: Tabata KB – 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest per exercise. 9 total exercises.

1 – KB swings (double arm)
2 – KB Squat & Press
3 – KB Chest press (1-arm)
4 – KB swings (1-arm)
5 – KB reverse lunge and press
6 – KB Hammer Curls (alternate arms)
7 – Walking KB Swings (double arm)
8 – KB WoJo Squats
9 – KB Skull crushers

COT: Geiger’s wedding is coming up soon! Please send him your condolences, I mean congratulations! 😜 Don’t forget that Toby Talk is tonight. It starts at 1830 at the Ogden Taproom, rain or shine. Sign up for the Iron Pax Challenge! Help F3 Cape Fear be the regional winner out of all the other F3 regions in the F3 Nation.


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