Thursday ⚡️Thunder Backblast

– 2 EC: Me, Gen X

-13 PAX-Me, Geiger, Pledge, Picasso, Shakespeare, GTA, Roady, Goat, Hushpuppy, Closer, Gen X, Drop Thrill from Charlotte, The Dude


•side straddle hop -100

•Gravel Pickers-20

•Thang 1: one hit wonders

-for one song do as many of that lift as you can. When you completely fail switch to big boy sit-ups for 10 then back up for more of the same until songs done!

-do curls, tricep extensions, chest press, deadlifts, rows, shoulder press

•Thang 2: Lung lunge Goose

-all do exercise given by Q while one person lunge walks around the circle saying duck duck goose. That PAX then tries to run back to their spot before the other catches them. With the kettle of course. If he makes it the goosed PAX starts the process over. If caught the gooser has to do 5 burpees.

Some Ab workout to round it out after returning the kettles.

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Tobytalk Thursday night Ogden Taproom 6:30pm. Last week for 25 off 10 year Anniversary event cost! Sign up!Q’s check names when naming folks. Hushpuppy new job! Mental Battle @F3Battle, help with mental health for us PAX.

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