No Count Workout

No Count Workout
Date: 8/5/2020
AO: Stingray
QIC: BabyBack
# of PAX: 4
PAX: EOM, 10-Count, Stump Jumper

Ogden Park was closed due to the recent hurricane so we commenced at Eaton Elementary.

Warm A Rama:

Moroccan Night Club (Sobriety Style) X 50 IC
Windmills (SLOW) X 15 IC
Mosey to park gate

The Thang:

“No count” is an old country saying that means something is no good. YHC decided to play off that and do a no count workout where there would be no counting after the warm a rama.

Partner Speed Bump Shuttle Run to crosswalk between the skate park and playground.

PAX A performs exercise AMRAP while PAX B runs to next speed bump and back.
Both run to next speed bump for next exercise.
Exercises were:
Reverse Alternating Lunges
Carolina Dry Docks
American Hammers

Mosey to pavilion for picnic table rotations.
Incline Merkins
Run to road and back around median
Runner is the timer to rotate

Mosey to pull up bars for another rotation
Squat Jumps
Sprint to Dark Corner
Sprinter is the timer to rotate

Mosey back to crosswalk for more Speed Bump Shuttle Running back toward Eaton:
Burpees (We did count these for the Burpee Challenge)
Sumo Squats
Crunchy Frogs
Almost out of time, mosey back to Eaton

1 minute left with time for a quick Circle Burp made for 70 burpees total to be added to the challenge by EOM.


Praise for Stump Jumpers negative COVID test result. Prayers for his co-worker who has it.
Prayers for college students returning and ministry for YHC
Prayers of gratitude for hurricane damage not being worse.

It was an honor and pleasure to lead these men this morning.
BabyBack OUT!


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