Monster Factory 08/03/20

Date: 08/03/2020

AO: Monster Factory

Pax: GTA, Sparky (R), Jagger, Shakespeare, Picasso, Castaway, AWOL, Atari, Closer, Unicorn, Chop Shop, ArmorAll, BabyBack, Pledge, Offering Plate, 10Count, Geiger (QIC)

Warmorama: Seal claps, 4-ct ‘Merkins (Reg, Narrow, Wide), something else?

Thang 1: Pick two coupons from the coupon pile, and head to tennis court parking lot for 4 corner escalator…run the long stretches, bear crawl with coupons on short stretches
1. 10 close grip ‘Merkins on coupons
2. 20 cross-chest presses (10 each side)
3. 30 flies
4. 40 close grip chest presses
Mary for the 6, then 50 Wonderbras and 10 burpees

Thang 2: head to tennis court and line up on the side. Split into 3 groups…hold Al Gore while one Pax runs ladders; every change of direction, the Pax holding Al Gore do a burpee.
After the ladder is complete, another Pax runs while the rest hold another position and do burpees on every change of direction.
After all Pax had completed a ladder, we finished our tennis court experience with Balls to the Wall shoulder taps and a round of Donkey Kicks against the fence.

Mary at the flag, Pax delight…starfish crunches, supermans, protractor, American hammer, etc…

COT: Great job by Picasso and his family hosting Saturday’s Meat-stravaganza. Stay smart and safe during the storm, contact Site Storm Qs (Stingray’s is 10Count) with any kind of assistance needed during/after Isaias. The hurricane didn’t replace the Covid problem…they’re both happening, so be mindful to not let your protective measures lapse during Isaias.

As always, it was a joy to lead. Byyyyeeeeee


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