Baywatch ☀️ Backblast

Coupon addition courtesy Hushpuppy and 10-Count

•44PAX- See Mumble Chatter for Namorama! That’s just way too many to try to put down here!

•5 FNG’s- Pebbles, Grilled cheese, Tomato Soup, Crouton and Zestimate


-Hush- Gravel pickers 15

-10- Goofballs 20

-Hush-Hillbillies 15

-10- Sharkclaps-20

•Thang 1: Walk the Dog

-Each PAX chooses a coupon and then stays in there small coupon groups as we Mosey to the beach. AKA walk your dog. Choices of stones, kettles, block or dumbbells

Stop at bank to collect our friends then to the beach!

•Thang 2: Coupon Dora.

-Team up with like coupon for reps of 50, 100 and 150.

-Stones- Shoulder Stone, dead lifts, shoulder press

-Kettles- Swings, dead lifts, shoulder press

-Cinder Blocks-clean press, dead lifts, shoulder press

-timer runs to water, completely submerges, then returns.

•Thang 3: Burn Rubber

-2 teams: rotate through flipping tire to the water then backup the hill. Once to water all get in!

Thang 4: Walk the dog home

-get your coupon back to AO.

Stop at bank to collect our friends then to the AO!

•Announcement/ Prayer Requests: Blue Steele’s family. 175 reduced fee for 10 year anniversary extended one week! Get signed up! Thanks to EOM and family for help with tires and all the PAX that brought the different AO’s coupons to help make this a success!


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